Denny Earnest Music - Bio
DENNY EARNEST: Denny is from Paradise Valley MT, south of Livingston, Montana, home of the Yellowstone River and many writers, film people, and lots of trout
Denny Earnest Interview
Originally on the Pacific Arts/Warner label owned by ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith, (1980's) Denny now concentrates on music for TV & Film and playing in and around the college town of Bozeman, Montana with his band "Denny & the Resonators". On many a Saturday night you might find him at his favorite haunt The Robin in the old 40's Art Deco Hotel “The Baxter" on Main St. in Bozeman, the dance floor full of followers to the rootsy blues being laid down by the band.
 At the heart of Denny’s style is his trusty vintage 1930’s Dobro that’s painted like a Campbell's Soup can. Rumor has it that when they opened the guitar up to work on it, a rattlesnake tail, with rattle intact was in the body of "Old Red". (Southern Blues players in the 30's & ’40's would put such fun things in their instruments for good ju-ju...). Unfortunately it fell apart and couldn't be put back in, but Denny's hunting for a replacement at his Trail Creek Ranchito. It'll be back in place soon we hope.
 At home on a stage or in the studio, Denny is a “musician’s musician”. The last 10 years he’s concentrated on his writing and studio work, getting cuts now and again on TV : Friends, 2004 Judging Amy, the film “Blue Crush” 2003, MTV’s Real World, Fox’s “North Shore”, “Simple Life #2”, Turner Network, and many daytime shows
In the daytime you’ll find Denny at Bozeman’s "Music Villa" [] a great guitar store, where he repairs guitars and gives lessons. On teaching he says, “I get to listen to lots of great tunes I wouldn’t normally hear - the kids in High School/ College bring in CD’s of the artists they want to learn, so I know what’s going on in the music world, from Black Eyed Peas to Hip Hop and beyond, which helps in my overall music approach.”
 Currently Denny's recording a new CD for TV/Film which includes tunes using Luthier Larry Progreba's weird Dobros and Slides. If you ever see a Dobro with an old hubcap on the front, that's a Progreba creation. Larry's made Dobros for Bonnie Raitt, Keb Mo, Ben Harper and David Lindley. Denny is partial to his baritone Dobros or Weissenborn, as they are called, made of Hawaiian Koa wood, tuned real low - incredible sounds, reminiscent of Ry Cooder’s "Paris Texas" soundtrack.